Military Burials Example: American Revolution

American Revolution:

Patriot Grave Search
on website: National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

Example from Patriot Grave Search:

Patriot Name Military Rank State of Service Cemetery Location Born Died Citation Quality
COLEMAN, Robert Soldier SC nr Feasterville, Fairfield County, SC 1796 36th-45th Annual Reports DAR. Senate documents (United States Congress, Senate). Government Printing Office: Washington, DC not evaluated

To find the cited information:
Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Annual Reports were printed as Senate Documents.  That means they are available in a cumulative set of bound Congressional publications called the Serial Set. The UD library has the Serial Set.

Problem: The information given here is not sufficient to find these reports.

Solution: Consult LexisNexis Congressional; the database that gives information about congressional publications. You can find this on the Library Databases page.

In LexisNexis Congressional, search for:

Daughters of American Revolution

Jump to the results for Serial Set and scroll down through the results.

TITLE: 36th report of National Society of Daughters of American Revolution, Apr. 1, 1932-Apr. 1, 1933 CIS-NO: 9787 S.doc.118
DOC-TYPE: Serial Set Collection
DOC-NO: S.doc.118, 73-2

The 36th DAR report was printed in volume 9787 of the Serial Set as Senate Document 118. This was in 1934 in the 73rd Congress, Second Session.

When you search in DELCAT for the title Serial Set, you find that there is a link to click: University of Delaware Library Serial Set holdings.

You find that volume number 9787 is located in the Morris Library in the U.S. Documents collection on the Lower Level.

There are maps of each floor of the Library to pick up at the Information and Reference desks.  The maps are also on the web.

serial set location

You would follow the same procedure for the rest of the Annual Reports.

Each DAR Annual Report has a section “Graves of soldiers of the Revolution.” The names are listed by state.

I found Robert Coleman in the 45th annual report.

45th Report of National Society of Daughters of American Revolution, Apr. 1, 1941-Apr. 1, 1942. 77th Cong., 2; Serial Set 10675 sess., 1942, p. 161.

View title page of 45th Annual Report:

title page serialset 10675

View listing for New York – South Carolina:

Serial Set 10675 p161

Extract of page showing entry for Robert Coleman:

serial set extract first

serial extract second

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